Thoughts on North Korea

I’ve been hearing that North Korea has been on the news a lot.  Honestly, I had no clue what was going on until I started noticing posts from people talking about North Korea.  I wasn’t well informed about what was going on, because I don’t watch the news here in South Korea, and I probably wouldn’t have understand what they were saying anyways.  I just kind of overlooked peoples’ posts and didn’t realize how serious it was back in the States.  I think I started to take it more serious when I started seeing more negative posts about North Korea and finally went to figure out what all this commotion was.  I guess living here in South Korea, no one seems to be making a big fuss over it.  Everybody here is living their life day by day like it’s nothing.  As I have read from one of the news report, South Korea has always been living under this kind of threat for many years now so they don’t seem to think much of it.  I guess I’m living here in South Korea with their mind set as well.  I’m just hoping or thinking that nothing is going to happen.  I’m not worried or scared.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be but I’m not.  Although this issue may not be the case, sometimes I wonder if the United States makes little issues bigger than it seems.  Sometimes I feel bad for South Korea, because when people from the United States hear about Korea, they think of North Korea.  As one of my Korean professors said, people tend to ask Korean people about North Korea.  I guess some people should learn more about South Korea and be less interested in North Korea.

On the topic on North Korea, one of my Korean friends actually told me that there are North Korean people who actually fled North Korea and are currently living in South Korea.  He even has class with some of them.  Sometimes I wonder what South Korean people think of North Korean people.  But my Korean friend says that they just treat them like any other people.

Anyways, let’s just hope that nothing happens and that I’ll be able to make it home safe and sound by the end of June.