Pranking with (Host)Mom



A while ago, Cecilia (my host mom) told us about how she wants to pull a prank on one of the many thieves in Lima. Basically everyone in the house has had something stolen from them while being here, and to get back at the thieves of Lima, we had to come up with something! Cecilia told us how she wishes to go to a cafe or restaurant with an old purse she doesn’t really care too much about. She then wants to put the purse on the back of a chair and then not really pay attention to it, making it an easy catch for a thief. However, the only thing she will have inside the purse (and here’s the kicker) is…….POOP! I just about died when she first told me this, one because she would never say stuff like that and two because I know that she’s slightly serious. In fact she was so serious that we decided to go out and try it today!

We went to San Antonio’s Bakery and Cafe for dinner and Cecilia took with her, her black purse with poop in it. (I suppose I should mention that the poop was fake….but when she first told us the story and what she was going to do, we all thought she was going to take Puncky’s (her daughter’s dog) poop and put it inside. Which, of course would have been wayyyy better, but I don’t think any of us wanted to deal with that anyway.) We were sitting around this table that was kind of close to the door, so we thought that people inside would be easily able to steal it and then walk right out the door. Well, we waited but nobody stole it. Pretty depressing. I mean, I didn’t really expect it to get stolen because only older, middle class people go to this bakery, but oh well. It was a fun night with Cecilia and the rest of my housemates. It was our very own girl’s night out!

One of my other favorite parts of the night was when Naomi asked Cecilia if her and Enrique still go out on dates together. You want to know Cecilia’s response? She said, “No, we don’t do those things anymore. I’m afraid that if we do I’ll become pregnant!” Cecilia is really funny when she’s with us by herself. It’s like a whole different person…but I love it! She’s awesome.