Til Bø!!!

I have officially received my letter of acceptance from Telemark! As soon as I saw it I ripped open the envelope and paraded around the house.  It’s now hanging in my room right next to my giant map of the world, and slightly smaller map of Norway.

“Hey everyone! I’m going to NORWAY! Til Bø! Til Bø! Til Bø!”

It’s my new favorite sentence.  If you were wondering, Bø is the name of the city I’ll be living in for my semester abroad.  It sounds like the beginning of the word “butter”. Sort of, if you say it many times in a row.  Bø bø bø bø bø bø bø bø bø bø bø bø bø. Now you know my excitement.

I physically cannot handle this wait.  I’ve picked out my classes abroad and it looks like I’ll be taking a lot of field trips.  A dream come true!  Adventures are kind of my thing.  My dad always says that I like to fly everywhere by the seat of my pants.  I can think of worse ways to travel.  For example, porcupine-back, cardboard boat, wax wings, a solid and unforgiving plan.

Though subject to change, the classes I’ve chosen for now are:

Alpine Ecology (hiking fjords and looking at plants and rocks and animals)

Ecophilosophy (field trips and pondering nature?)

Ecotourism Concepts and Theories (I’m not sure what to expect for this class. Business probably)

The Entrepreneur and the Society (…business)

After going through the descriptions of these classes, I was immediately pumped about the excursions!  The Alpine Ecology class actually requires a sleeping bag so I’m already dreaming of quiet nights beneath the stars, aurora borealis, and befriending amiable woodland creatures.

However exciting that sounds, I’ll also be writing quite a few papers and journals, giving oral presentations, and (oh goodness) taking a FOUR HOUR examination or two that counts for 60% of my entire grade.  No, I don’t find that daunting one bit…  But I’ve got something like eight months to worry about that. Right now I’m too excited to care very much about four hour exams. Much.

I was looking through the student dorm options for the Bø campus (oh freshman nostalgia!) and a thought occurred to me.  These pictures could really benefit from be taken in the summertime.  Though I am sure that the dorms are similar to those I have experienced here at UW-Madison and are not in the least haunted or neglected, they look like murder central.  The pictures feature abandoned-looking dreary buildings during that time in late fall when there is no color left in the trees, but the snow has not yet fallen.  Not very tempting.

Naturally, I chose the quaint cabin-like abodes to put at the top of my list that boast of kitchens and laundry and beautiful walks to campus. They’re slightly pricier, but more space and privacy.  And it looks like Hansel and Gretel hand built them.  I should be getting my living arrangement info any day now, so fingers crossed for the fairytale houses!

Only four months to go.  Time can go faster any minute now. 111 days and one summer organic chemistry class (Boo!) are standing in my way.  Is it too early to start packing?

To be continued…

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