As I prepare for my departure, I have mixed feelings about my upcoming year abroad.  I am most of all excited for all of the new experiences that I will undergo, the travels around Europe, the new and foreign friends I will make that will hopefully be friends for a lifetime.  Secondly, I am nervous for the classes that will be in all French, changing my lifestyle to that of the French, and making sure I don’t get lost on the European streets (which will probably happen quite frequently).  Thirdly, I have a feeling of longing because I know that I will miss my family and friends and my two puppies as well as my life that I am used to hear and my native language.  But making me think of all the things that I will miss makes me think of all the new things that I will encounter and I know I am ready for a great journey to the other side of the ocean.

From when I applied to now seems like centuries ago when it was all a dream, but now it is a reality. I know the time will come with it’s challenges, whether it be the language barrier, understanding in classes, getting around, learning culture differences, or simply missing home, but the year will also bring great rewards such as l traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, historical monuments that I have learned about but will actually get to see, meeting new friends and learning all I can learn.

I’ve never been to Europe and am so excited to go and share my experiences with everyone.  I guess the last thing to say is au revoir!!!