More April Adventures

The next stop in my adventure is the Trick Eye Museum!  It’s a museum that provides artworks that tricks the eye into seeing something else!  Here are my pictures! Enjoy! 🙂

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Last adventure for April was to go mountain hiking!!! Korea is made up of mostly mountains.  There are many mountains to hike here in Korea.  Mostly it’s the older men and women that go hiking.  I went to one that was right by my university.  My friend wanted to give up, but I told her we could do it.  When we finally made it to our destination, we were thrilled and glad that we didn’t give up or else we would have missed out on the nice scenery!  We saw the city of Seoul from this mountain and it was breathtaking!


Ah! They have these exercise equipments to use in the mountains! We need more of these around in the United States!


Yay! We made it!!!