Fall 2009


grotjahn-danielle-picVitals: Spanish and Biology

Goals: I am excited to improve my Spanish speaking skills and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of Chilean culture through living and interacting with my host family.

Motivation: Two summers ago I studied abroad for two months in the Dominican Republic and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I felt, however, that when it came time for me to return to the US, I was just beginning to fully adjusted and appreciate Dominican culture. This feeling motivated me to pursue a semester-long study abroad program. I chose Chile because I have never been to South America and I want to contrast life in Chile to my previous experiences in Central America.

Previous overseas travel: Honduras, France, Canada, Switzerland, Dominican Republic



Vitals: Junior Journalism major, Global Cultures Certificate

Goals: I want to meet as many people, go as many places, and learn as much as I can.

Motivation: I have always loved traveling but have never lived outside Madison. Living in France, I’ll be totally immersed in a different language and culture. I’ll hopefully gain understanding and experiences that I wouldn’t have by just visiting.

Previous Overseas Travel: Dominican Republic, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Australia


southwick-ashley-picVitals: Political Science and International Studies majors

Goals: I am so excited just to travel and get out into the world! I of course want to improve my Italian, and definitely want to learn from some great professors in a location that has history right outside the door. But most importantly I just want to experience a new way of life and enjoy my time there.

Motivation I’d like to think that Study Abroad was always in the cards for me. However when I took a semester off sophomore year to work for Disney Entertainment, I thought that that was it for me. But I’ve always loved to travel and decided that I just had to make a study abroad program work. Because I’ve taken a few different languages it was hard to choose where I wanted to go, but after hearing the rave reviews about Florence, I decided to give it a try.

Previous Overseas Travel: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica



Vitals: History Major, Political Science Major

Goals: What I really want is an experience that I can look back on as being life changing. I can’t wait to learn about a new culture, be involved in foreign government, and find out more about myself.

Motivation: I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but since I couldn’t think of a country I didn’t have an interest in going to, I narrowed my options by realizing that the idea of an internship really appealed to me. I love studying comparative politics and understanding the way different governments function, so I was insanely excited when I heard about the opportunity to intern in Ireland’s Parliament. And being surrounded by awesome accents doesn’t hurt.

Previous overseas travel: England and France…one time I was in an airport in Belgium…much more to come


helwig-kristine-pic Vitals: Zoology major, African Studies certificate

Goals: I am most excited to meet Cape Town locals and see the wildlife! I also am excited to go exploring in South Africa and the countries surrounding it.

Motivation: I have always wanted to study abroad but never could find the right time. As a senior, I decided that it was the perfect time to go. I have never travelled across an ocean and once I heard of the South Africa program, I knew it was perfect for me! I love being in new places, exploring the outdoors, and trying new things.

Previous overseas travel: None-only border towns in Mexico and Canada