Alumni Profiles

Explore profiles and stories from UW-Madison alumni reflecting on their program experiences and impact on their post-graduate careers

  • France: Molly Gilbertson ’17

    Alumni Profile for Molly Gilbertson, English and French, with a certificate in Environmental Studies, Aix-en-Provence, class of 2017

  • Taiwan: Alison Sharpless ’17

    Alumni Profile for Alison Sharpless, Chinese and Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies, National Taiwan University, class of 2017

  • New Zealand: Anna Miller ’17

    Alumni Profile for Anna Miller, International Studies and Political Science, with a certificate in African Studies, Massey University, class of 2017

  • Morocco: Sam Landes ’17

    Alumni Profile for Sam Landes, History, with certificates in African Studies and Integrated Liberal Studies, UMN Arabic Language & Culture, class of 2017

  • Spain: Caroline Stevens ’17

    Alumni Profile for Caroline Stevens, English and Spanish, with a certificate in Gender & Women's Studies, WIP Madrid, class of 2017

  • Singapore & Malaysia: Madison Hartup ’15

    Alumni profile for Madison Hartup, East Asian Studies with certificates in Japanese Professional Communication and Global Cultures, class of 2015

  • Chile, Singapore, Puerto Rico: Max Bock-Aronson ’13

    Alumni profile for Max Bock-Aronson, Mechanical Engineering & International Engineering certificate, class of 2013

  • USA: Tayler Palkowski ’20

    Alumni profile for Tayler Palkowski, Political Science Major, Certificates in Education Policy, Public Policy, and Gender & Women's Studies, Wisconsin in Washington

  • Morocco and Turkey: Kendra Burpee ’15

    Alumni Profile for Kendra Burpee, Languages & Cultures of Asia, with certificates in Gender & Women's Studies, Global Cultures, and Middle East Studies, class of 2015

  • South Africa: Liz Toure ’11

    Alumni Profile for Liz Toure, Biology with certificate in Global Health, University of Cape Town, class of 2011

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