Current Correspondents

Blog Correspondents

Teagan Benson

Hometown: Cumberland, Wisconsin

Major: Russian Language & Civilization

Program: Almaty Russian Flagship

I chose to study on the intensive capstone program to improve my Russian language skills and cross-cultural competence. I hope to reach superior proficiency upon completion of the capstone. This opportunity will provide real-life context to my studies and greatly enhance my education.

Classroom Space & Academics

Makayla Cole

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Social Welfare; Cert. Gender & Women’s Studies and Criminal Justice

Program: Lancaster University Exchange

I chose the Lancaster University Exchange program because the University offers courses that aligns with my interests and academic career. I can take courses that satisfy my degree and certificate requirements while being abroad.

New Experiences

Maria Fichtinger 

Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Major: History; Cert. in European Studies and Education & Educational Services

Program: University of Westminster

I have always wanted to go to London, and this program fit well with the degree I am pursuing.

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Pyper Scullen 

Hometown: Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Major: Fashion and Textiles; Cert. in Entrepreneurship

Program: Santa Reparata International School of Art

I am extremely excited about the course offerings via this program and the technique and skill that I will gain from taking classes including patternmaking and fashion illustration. I am also excited to learn about Italian history and culture as I believe that history and the world offers incredible inspiration for design. Lastly, this program offers the opportunity to attend Milan Fashion Week which is an amazingly unique opportunity for insight into the interworking’s of the fashion industry – an industry that I am working to have an important place in and impact on.

Daily Life in Florence

Abi Schmeiser

Hometown: Waunakee, Wisconsin

Major: Chemical Engineering

Program: University of Limerick

One reason I chose to attend the University of Limerick is that it offers courses related to my chemical engineering degree and fascinating area studies classes related to my International Engineering certificate, while also having wonderful clubs and societies to be involved in on campus!

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Nyagoah Biel 

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Major: Legal Studies; Cert. in Criminal Justice and Afro-American Studies

Program: Yonsei University Exchange

I chose to go to South Korea because it would give me an experience outside of what I thought was possible. Specifically, being outside my comfort zone will help me to learn a lot more about myself but also the world around me. I am excited to be immersed in the culture and people, all the while experiencing the amazing food.

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Calvin Dong 

Hometown: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Major: Marketing & International Business

Program: IES London Direct Enrollment – City University of London

I chose City University of London because it will allow me to take on the challenge of facing uncertainty in a large city with people from diverse backgrounds. Growing up, I’ve lived predominately in the suburbs which refrained me from experiencing what city life is like. I strive to utilize the location and vast amount of culture immersed within London to learn and enjoy the unique experiences it will provide me.

First Impressions

Caitlin Fox 

Hometown: Viroqua, Wisconsin

Major: Spanish and Health Promotion and Health Equity

Program: Illinois in Spain: Spanish Studies in Granada

I chose this program because I have traveled to Granada before, and I absolutely loved it. The Alhambra, a beautiful monument, is here along with lots of other amazing architecture. I also decided on this program because it was the longest one offered for the summer and I wanted to be abroad for as long as possible to learn Spanish. Between the Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance, the tapas, the siesta, flamenco, and nice people– Granada is the place to be. My mom is from Nicaragua, so as a Latina, I feel very at home even though the culture is different.

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Anna Strautmanis 

Hometown: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Major: International Studies – Global Security Track, International Development and Education certificate

Program: ITESM-Queretaro Program

I am very excited to be in Mexico and learn many things about the language, people, and culture of the beautiful historic city. I am really looking forward to improving my Spanish language skills, both for personal and professional goals. I am interested in seeing how education differs from universities around the world, so I am looking forward to being a part of the university community. My family is Latvian and we speak the language at home. Being immersed in Latin American culture is important to me because I want to experience something different than the European culture that I am accustomed to.

First Impressions