Returned Students

Explore profiles and posts from students either during or immediately following their programs

  • Hungary: Lily Jansa

    Returned student profile of Lily Jansa, Industrial Engineering, Budapest University of Economics & Technology program

  • USA (Virtual): Joseph Bradisse

    Returned student profile for Joseph Bradisse, Political Science, Wisconsin in Washington

  • USA (Virtual): Gabriella Schultz

    Returned student profile for Gabriella Sanchez, Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies Majors, Certificates in Public Policy and Gender & Women's Studies, Wisconsin in Washington

  • USA (Virtual): Lillian Chmielewska

    Returned student profile for Lillian Chmielewska, Psychology Major, Certificates in Public Policy and Entrepreneurship, Wisconsin in Washington

  • USA (Virtual): Joseph Cirrincione

    Returned student profile for Joseph Cirrincione, Political Science and Economics, Certificate in Criminal Justice, Wisconsin in Washington

  • China: Riley Palkert

    Returned student profile of Riley Palkert, Interior Architecture and certificate in Sustainability, UW Art Design & Wellness program

  • USA (Virtual): Shruti Bhargava

    Returned student profile for Shruti Bhargava, Economics and Education Studies Major, Certificate in Public Policy, Wisconsin in Washington

  • England: Hannah Sun

    Returned student profile for Hannah Sun, Statistics & Computer Science, University of Bristol

  • Spain: Molly Trehey

    Returned student profile of Molly Trehey, Kinesiology, IES Barcelona

  • Navigating Challenges Abroad

    Illness  One of the reasons for my absence from the blog has been my prolonged illness. I always get sick after plane rides, so it was not a surprise that I got sick on my …

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