Returned Students

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  • USA (Virtual): Joseph Bradisse

    Returned student profile for Joseph Bradisse, Political Science, Wisconsin in Washington

  • USA (Virtual): Gabriella Schultz

    Returned student profile for Gabriella Sanchez, Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies Majors, Certificates in Public Policy and Gender & Women's Studies, Wisconsin in Washington

  • USA (Virtual): Lillian Chmielewska

    Returned student profile for Lillian Chmielewska, Psychology Major, Certificates in Public Policy and Entrepreneurship, Wisconsin in Washington

  • USA (Virtual): Joseph Cirrincione

    Returned student profile for Joseph Cirrincione, Political Science and Economics, Certificate in Criminal Justice, Wisconsin in Washington

  • China: Riley Palkert

    Returned student profile of Riley Palkert, Interior Architecture and certificate in Sustainability, UW Art Design & Wellness program

  • USA (Virtual): Shruti Bhargava

    Returned student profile for Shruti Bhargava, Economics and Education Studies Major, Certificate in Public Policy, Wisconsin in Washington

  • England: Hannah Sun

    Returned student profile for Hannah Sun, Statistics & Computer Science, University of Bristol

  • Spain: Molly Trehey

    Returned student profile of Molly Trehey, Kinesiology, IES Barcelona

  • Navigating Challenges Abroad

    Illness  One of the reasons for my absence from the blog has been my prolonged illness. I always get sick after plane rides, so it was not a surprise that I got sick on my …

  • Continuing along despite the virus

    Coronavirus There is a mild international panic that’s swept the world because of this sickness. People are joking about it, people are bringing hand sanitizer with themselves everywhere they go, and there are people who’re …

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