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The UW Global Gateway Initiative makes study abroad accessible to students with demonstrated financial need through two different avenues: Summer programs and Fellowships. All students participate in pre- and post-program engagements and onsite activities to integrate their time abroad with academics and professional development. We strive to embody the Wisconsin Idea by encouraging students to share their experiences and knowledge gained abroad to positively impact the UW-Madison community, Wisconsin, and beyond. UW Global Gateway Summer programs and Fellowships are provided in partnership with the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Institute for Regional and International Studies.

Faculty and/or academic departments who are interested in collaborating on UW Global Gateway Programs should contact Dan Gold, IAP Director.

UW Global Gateway Summer Programs

The UW Global Gateway Summer Programs are highly-structured, thematic short term programs designed to introduce first and second year students from diverse backgrounds and academic fields to international and global issues. Each program provides a full scholarship, including airfare, for a cohort of students with demonstrated financial need (preference give to students with EFC under $12,000) to study in the program locations identified.

On these programs, a UW-Madison faculty member introduces students to issues of global importance and prepares students for success in an increasingly interconnected world. These experiential programs use the host country as a classroom to support students earning 3-5 in-residence credits upon completion of the program.

Summer 2023

Washington, DC

Examine culinary, cultural, and geographic diversity in Washington, DC and how place shapes, and is shaped, by its users.

The UW Global Gateway in Washington, DC program is funded in partnership with the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid. The Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement is generously funding five DDEEA students to participate during summer 2023.


Explore the cultures, history, and politics of southern Africa within contemporary Botswana.

The UW Global Gateway in Botswana program is funded in partnership with the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid. The Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement is generously funding five DDEEA students to participate during summer 2023.


Discover the diversity of religious traditions in Singapore, how religious communities developed over time and how they coexist today.

The UW Global Gateway in Singapore program is fully funded in partnership with the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid. 


UW Global Gateway Fellowships

The UW Global Gateway Fellowships are designed to provide students the access to the UW-Madison approved semester or year-long study abroad program of their choice, as well as the semester-long domestic study away program, UW Wisconsin in Washington, DC Internship Program, which best meets their academic and professional goals. Each participant receives a $10,000 fellowship towards their program costs.

Fall 2023 Fellows

Malachi Clark

Major: Computer Science and German

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Program: CIEE Berlin Open Campus

As a German major, I’m going into this program with previous knowledge about the language and culture, but I’m extremely excited to finally gain first-hand experience about all that Germany has to offer. I can’t wait to come back and share my experiences in my future German studies courses.

Learning on Excursions  A New Experience Places: Routine & Favorite

Izzy Hartel

Major:  Neurobiology

Hometown: Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Program: National University of Singapore Exchange

While studying abroad in Singapore, I hope to broaden my knowledge of world cultures and history by participating in festivals, getting involved in student groups on campus, and taking different classes relevant to the rich history and lifestyle of Singapore! Throughout the program, I hope to further my interpersonal skills and navigate an unfamiliar environment and culture.

Not only have I dreamed of traveling to Singapore since I was young, but I have grown a strong appreciation for the environmentalism that their country promotes. Their program is one of the most prestigious and academically challenging across Asia.

Food in Singapore   An Impactful Moment  Our Global Classroom

Lisbeth Luna

Major: International Studies and Economics; Cert. Criminal Justice and Chicano/Latino Studies

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Program: Ewha University Exchange in South Korea

I am very excited to be in South Korea, immerse myself in the culture, try new food, and meet new people! I also look forward to learning different perspectives on international politics & policy, and economics through my classes. Since middle school, I have been interested in Korean culture, and I’m excited to be in Seoul for three months to delve deeper into my academic and personal interests.

Global Classroom  We’re not in Madison anymore Moment

Nashia Ogbuagu

Major: Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Operations and Technology Management

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Program: University of Cape Town Exchange

Personally, I aspire to form lifelong friendships with my classmates and others in the local community. Though South Africa has numerous cultures and traditions, one shared thought among many is “Ubuntu,” which can be translated to compassion. This word encompasses the
significance of warmth and empathy within communities and relationships. I resonate deeply with this as a child of immigrants who had it ingrained in my mind to always be kind to others regardless of differences.

The only way I can learn about Cape Town is by fully immersing myself in its cultures, traditions, languages, foods, and ways of living that I have never been exposed to. So rather than asking myself what I want to learn, I will ask myself how. The how is through my active participation in an array of activities that will bring me closer to understanding what makes the city so vibrant.

 I’ve Never Thought About That Before

Emily Swanson

Major: Business – Marketing; Certificate in Graphic Design

Hometown: Kiel, Wisconsin

Program: IES London Direct Enrollment –  City, University of London

One of my personal goals while abroad is to continue to develop global awareness and competency. This means learning from individuals with different experiences than me in order to deepen my understanding of other cultures. When you acknowledge others’ beliefs, traditions, and motives you are better able to form meaningful relationships. These relationships are the foundation for achieving change.

I am in love with books, and London is a hub for some of the world’s best literature. One course I will be taking abroad is all about the history of text and the importance of this history in London culture. The opportunity to learn about the impact of books is a huge interest of mine, as I believe stories are what bring people together. One day, I hope to work in publishing and be a part of this mission to tell important stories.

Places: Routine & Favorite A ‘We’re not in Madison Anymore’ Moment Learning on Excursions

Summer 2023 Fellows

Ayah Amer

Majors: Neurobiology and Psychology

Hometown: Greenfield, Wisconsin

Program: CIEE Summer Arabic Language in Amman, Jordan

On this program, I most look forward to learning more about Jordan’s rich history and visiting famous historical sites in Amman and surrounding cities. I hope to gain a level of fluency in Arabic that will allow me to effectively converse with family members who solely speak Arabic and ask them questions that I was never able to verbalize before. Additionally, I am pursuing a career in the medical field and strongly believe that all healthcare workers who have the opportunity to learn conversational skills in a second language should strive to do so. This summer program will allow me to work towards these goals.

Daily Life in Amman, Jordan 

Final Reflections

Lauren Edwards                 

Major: Political Science and Legal Studies, Certificates in Health Policy and Public Policy

Hometown: Hartland, Wisconsin

Program: Wisconsin in Washington

I chose my program because I want to develop my skills related to public policy. This program will allow me to get firsthand experience with policy at the epicenter of U.S. government and policymaking and better prepare me for my future career. Additionally, being in Washington D.C. will grant many opportunities for networking and allow me to further expand my skill set.

Daily Life in DC

Learning on Excursions

Janiessa Grady

Major: Global Health

Hometown: Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Program: CIEE Summer Comparative Public Health Systems [London + Amsterdam]

One professional goal I have for this program is being able to expand my perspective of public health. Through this program, I will be able to examine the different approaches to public health in two different countries. Being able to visit two countries all under one program is so cool! This aspect of the program really stood out to me, and I’m excited for the unique opportunities I will have because of it.

New Experiences in London

Food in Amsterdam

Elise Pyatskowit

Major: Pre-Nursing

Hometown: Shawano, Wisconsin

Program: Institut de Touraine French Language in France

I chose this program because it is focused on language immersion. During my stay, I will be in class learning French and outside of class, able to work on my skills in real-world interactions. My personal/professional goal is to improve my French speaking and comprehension skills. Wanting to become a nurse, knowing even a little bit of a second language will benefit me and my patients greatly.

Daily Life in Tours, France

Food in Tours, France

Carrie Semenas  

Major: Neurobiology and Spanish with a certificate in Business fundamentals

Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Program: CIEE Summer Language & Culture in Alcala, Spain

I chose my program because of its rich history. I want to try a bunch of places to eat, spend time in the historical university, and see the statue of Don Quijote! One goal I have is to practice speaking Spanish as much as possible. I don’t always have the opportunity to in the US. I’m excited to try paella and meet people with different background than me! I’m really thankful for the opportunity to learn first-hand about different cultures.

Daily Life in Alcalá de Henares, Spain

My Program Experience in 100 Words

Spring 2023 Fellows

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Neshkoro, Wisconsin

Program: Australia, Melbourne / Monash University Exchange

I am looking forward to studying at Monash University and experiencing Melbourne’s cultural richness and natural wonders. My personal goal is to accelerate my personal growth and make life-long connections. I want to understand how my profession as a mechanical engineer is viewed and practiced in a different cultural context and am excited to experience Australia’s multicultural atmosphere.

Our Global Classroom  Top 10 List

Local Interactions      A New Experience

Major: Supply Chain Management, Operations and Technology Management, Marketing

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin

Program: Spain, Barcelona / CIEE Barcelona Business and Culture

I chose to study in Barcelona Spain because I have the desire to become fluent in Spanish. Although I have never been out of the country, the culture is incredibly exciting to me, and I am ready to fully immerse myself in every aspect of it. I plan to participate in the many volunteer and experiential learning opportunities offered in my program and can’t wait for this brand-new adventure.

A Day in the Life 

A New Experience 

Major: Biology; Cert. Global Health

Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota

Program: Denmark, Copenhagen / DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia

I chose this program in Copenhagen because this program offers a multitude of opportunities for my educational and future career. I am excited to learn about the rich history of Denmark through its historic and colorful buildings as well as learning about the culture through daily interactions with people from the area. Most importantly, I am excited to learn more life skills and more about myself while in a new environment!

New Experience   Top Ten List

The Five Senses in Copenhagen

Learning on Excursions


Major: Human Development and Family Studies and Sociology with Certificates in Criminal Justice & Education And Educational Services

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Program: Italy, Florence / Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA)

I chose this program because it offered so many opportunities for immersion and learning more about Italian art, history, and culture. This program fed into all my personal and academic interests as well as my love for traveling and would help me figure out how I can incorporate art, my interests, passions, and hobbies into my future career. Something I am most excited about is the different art course offerings and the activities that they offer like field trips around the surrounding cities of Florence to Rome, Venice, and Milan Fashion Week.

Instagram Takeover

Final Reflections    Top Ten List

The Five Senses in Florence 

A New Experience

Majors: Biomedical Engineering & Spanish

Hometown: Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Program: Spain, Valencia / Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Engineering Exchange

I am excited to be participating in this exchange because it will enable me to continue making progress on my engineering degree while also practicing my language skills.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn about Spanish culture and taking advantage of everything this opportunity abroad has to offer!

Our Global Classroom  We’re Not in Madison Anymore

A New Experience

Sustainability in Valencia 

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