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The UW Global Gateway Fellowships are designed to provide students the access to the UW-Madison approved semester or year-long study abroad program of their choice, as well as the one semester-long domestic study away program, UW Wisconsin in Washington, DC Internship Program, which best meets their academic and professional goals. Each participant receives a $10,000 fellowship towards their program costs.

Read blogs from Spring 2020 and Calendar Year 2020 recipients

Past recipients:

Fall 2019 and Academic Year 2019-2020


The UW Global Gateway Summer Programs are highly-structured, thematic four-week study abroad programs specially designed to introduce first and second year students from diverse backgrounds and academic fields to international and global issues. Each program provides a full scholarship, including airfare, for 15 students with demonstrated financial need (preference give to students with EFC under $12,000) to study in non-traditional locations.

On these programs, a UW-Madison faculty member will direct a group of Badgers to a different location around the globe to introduce students to issues of global importance and prepare students for success in an increasingly interconnected world. These programs use the host country as a classroom and are experiential and interdisciplinary. Locations, themes, courses, and faculty will vary from program to program to attract as broad a range of students as possible. Students will earn 5 in-residence credits upon completion of their program.

Follow the 2020 programs on their journey by reading the student blog posts!

Photo of UW-Madison students in India Botswana Okavango Delta

UW Global Gateway in India

Discover religious and political pluralism while studying in India’s capital of Delhi.



Blog Posts 

UW Global Gateway in

Investigate the historical and cultural significance of Andean cultures and the forces of globalization within Peru.



Blog Posts 


UW Global Gateway in Botswana

Explore culture, education, public health and environmental issues within contemporary Botswana.



Blog Posts 

Faculty and/or academic departments who are interested in collaborating on UW Global Gateway Programs should contact Dan Gold, IAP Director.

Past blogs:

Summer 2019 India

Summer 2019 Botswana

Summer 2018 Brazil

Summer 2016 Brazil

Summer 2014 China

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