United Kingdom: Makayla Cole (New Experiences)

After a very long day of traveling, I finally made it to Lancaster, England on October 1st! The staff here are amazing and have been really helpful as I am settling in. I am still trying to get used to navigating around campus because it is a very large campus. I am also getting familiar with their bus systems that go into town as they are quite different than Chicago’s and Madison’s. Nevertheless, I am adjusting quite well.

The Sports Centre is at the entrance of campus.

There are a number of things that I have experienced that reminded me that I am no longer in the United States. One that is very obvious is driving on the left side of the street. Another is the difference in the English language, British English utilize some different words than American English.

Cabinet= cubbard

Band aid= plaster

Sidewalk= pavement

The spelling of some words are also different. In American English words that have a z in the middle usually have an s in British English, such as organisation and utilise. There is also one l in enroll, but 2 l’s in jewelry, enrol, jewellry

Sidenote: They actually do serve beans for breakfast and enjoy drinking tea multiple times a day.

Makayla Cole

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Social Welfare; Cert. Gender & Women’s Studies and Criminal Justice

Program: Lancaster University Exchange

I chose the Lancaster University Exchange program because the University offers courses that aligns with my interests and academic career. I can take courses that satisfy my degree and certificate requirements while being abroad.