Italy: Pyper Scullen (Daily Life in Florence)

A day in my life in Florence looks very different in some ways and very alike to a day in Madison in others. I am a naturally early riser so my mornings begin before most – I head to the living room of my apartment to quietly work on homework, watch Netflix, or do a bit of yoga while I wait for the cafes to open so that I can go for a walk and grab a much needed coffee to start my day!

A photo from the bridge on an early morning walk to see the city and beat the heat!

A favorite that I have found is Shake Cafe because they have iced coffee, oat milk, and the biggest cup size I have discovered so far – I miss my ventis but the adorability of the cafes here make up for it. After I have my fix, I fill my mornings by walking around the city exploring new areas like the city center or the other side of the Arno river as I don’t have my first class until 12:50. Sometimes I take a 9am yoga class at a studio that I found which teaches in both English and Italian (a very cool way to pick up some more Italian).

Studio classroom where I spend ¾ of my school day!

I then start my school day with either sustainable fashion if it is a Monday/Wednesday, or Italian if it is a Tuesday/Thursday. In between my first and second classes of the day, I grab lunch around the city (my favorite spot so far is the Central Market – they have anything and everything!) and try to call family or friends that are awake. I have found that finding time to call everyone is a lot more difficult than I anticipated but I am making it work – it is a strange feeling to be so far from loved ones but I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. After breaking for around two hours, I finish my day with either Fashion Illustration (my favorite class so far) or patternmaking from 4-7 – the only class I have ever had as long as these was a chem lab and I definitely prefer these to that despite the length!

First assignment for Fashion Illustration!

After I finish up class, my favorite evening involves heading back to my apartment to get ready for dinner or sunset drinks with my roommates and other friends abroad. Osteria Belle Donne has heavenly pesto pasta and Piazzale Michelangelo is my favorite spot to catch the sunset and end another blissful day as a student in Florence.






Pyper Scullen 

Hometown: Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Major: Fashion and Textiles; Cert. in Entrepreneurship

Program: Santa Reparata International School of Art

I am extremely excited about the course offerings via this program and the technique and skill that I will gain from taking classes including patternmaking and fashion illustration. I am also excited to learn about Italian history and culture as I believe that history and the world offers incredible inspiration for design. Lastly, this program offers the opportunity to attend Milan Fashion Week which is an amazingly unique opportunity for insight into the interworking’s of the fashion industry – an industry that I am working to have an important place in and impact on.